Make the ticker $MAMA


One thing that I love about Marginfi is the team and community’s personality and the way it comes across. Primarily in the telegram but also on twitter. Never afraid to speak the truth or make a joke even if it goes against the established narrative. How is this possible? because $MAMA didn’t raise us to be weak.

This may seem like a shitpost sullying the sanctity of the great marginfi token discussion, but believe me, it is not. This post is a rallying cry of unity to be extended to all who ask “wentokin?”. Give them a ticker to shout from the rooftops about in the same way that they have been screeching “LAUNCH THE FUCKING TOKEN EDGAR” and watch TVL boom into the billions whilst $MAMA expertly handles risk like all good $MAMA’s do.

The most successful protocol in all of DeFi is named after a unicorn?! The most successful borrow/lend protocol people can’t even pronounce but it’s mascot is a ghost?! (oh the irony). Little girls like unicorns, little boys like ghosts, but we all love our $MAMA.

Side note: the mama stickers we have in telegram are eye-catching, don’t pretend you don’t stop to inspect every time you see one. I can now draw the marginfi logo from memory because of those stickers. I can’t even do that for Solana. Unify the ticker with the stickers we will post on twitter.

Inject marginfi’s personality into the ticker.

Please and Thank you.

p.s. who in their right mind would sell their mama?

p.p.s. I saw in the other tokenomics post that edgar proposed a ve- model for governance rights calling the ve- token “mamaMRGN”. I propose that a better name would be grandMAMA, because even MAMA has to listen to her MAMA.

Thanks a lot for firing up this interesting discussion, @rustbond!

I would start by saying that I agree with the core message of your post: who would sell? Overall I believe keeping at least some of the (potential) tokens that will be generated for this ecosystem is a must. That’s because participating in governance will be very interesting, and naturally because of the long term pontial of the asset.

However, when it comes to the ticker, I have to disagree with you. $MAMA would be a super cool and fun name, but my counterargument would be:

  1. There are already al least 5 tokens using the ticker $MAMA, out of which 2 are already listed on Coinmarketcap
  2. The ticker is too playful for the kind of brand that Marginfi can aspire to be. A solid lending, staking and stablecoin protocol would be doing heavy lifting. It could be at the center of the financial activity of hundreds of thousands of users and potentially much more in the future. Hence, I believe we should embrace a token ticker that sounds reliable, financial in nature, and aligned with those of exisiting large defi protocols. I agree that some other projects in the space have been very creative with their names, but when I see for example “$CAKE”, despite it being a large protocol, I still find it somehow silly as a ticker and brand.
  3. It would be better to have a ticker that has a clear connection with the main brand, something like $MRGN.

Maybe the mama brand could be used for something else, like the community, a future product or something less financial, to keep the fun spirit of the community alive in the product suite.

Let me know your thoughts!

  1. Of all the $MAMA tickers I only see 1 with over $11 of liquidity. It’s safe to say these aren’t relevant and people won’t be confusing them with marginfi. There is a $MRGN that already exists too with a few thousand dollars of liquidity which equally won’t matter because marginfi is far more relevant.

  2. There’s no real response I can give here other than $CAKE is silly but others like $UNI are not. I don’t know anyone behind pancakeswap so the only impression I have is pancakes. With Uniswap we all know Hayden Adams and even though the ticker, name and logo are entirely unprofessional it all fades away into the background because they’re winning their vertical. Marginfi would be more professional than uniswap not least because you don’t have pink splashed everywhere.

  3. Agreed that $MRGN is a clearer connection than $MAMA.

Ultimately I appreciate that this conversation was even entertained and I can understand why a team would not want to risk brand image so flippantly. There isn’t much community demand so maybe something comes up in the future.

Hey - just catching up here, want to thank you for starting this discussion @rustbond!

Let me start out by saying that overall, I think your type of thinking around this is super important and valuable. It’s very similar to the way the core team has thought about branding and design internally, and in my experience within crypto and outside of it this is a very powerful frame of mind. I want to expand on why I think so a bit, because I think it might help frame community discussion around topics like this as we expand the conversation outside of the core team:

If you frame the spectrum of organizations from conservative (boomer) to progressive, I’ve found that the entire spectrum effectively enjoys things that are 1) simple and 2) catchy. I’ve worked across a pretty wide part of the landscape here - from conservative organizations like Goldman Sachs, to young startups that sold to conservative government and government-adjacent organizations (my last company), to young and bold brands (I wore a bleach blonde-striped mohawk when I first started working on marginfi).

  1. Simple
  2. Catchy
  3. Appropriately playful
  4. Simplistically intellectually stimulating (e.g., easy-to-understand relationship mapping like MAMA and grandMAMA

Are all incredibly useful when it comes to brand memorability.

It’s incredibly validating to me to see you say things like,

I can now draw the marginfi logo from memory because of those stickers.

Specifically related to $MAMA vs. $MRGN, my view is that I’d like to see both of these tickers come to existence (or better put, both aspects of this brand) in general. I think it’s likely to be a wash between these two options what the main ticker is called, honestly - I think the whole market, even the institutional side, would professionally interpret $MAMA without much thought (coinbase has $COIN which could be viewed as fairly underserving of crypto’s broad usecases outside of cryptocurrency coins), and I think a strong retail narrative could be fueled by $MAMA. To the masses, $MRGN is likely to edge out $MAMA in terms of familiarity (the financial concept of “margin” is, after all, the base of marginfi’s products and a core foundation to healthy financial systems) and it feels like retail is responding well to $MRGN - it seems memorable, easy to understand, unique enough with marginfi’s distribution that its relationship to marginfi will be intuitive.

That all said, there was very intentional effort put into two chapters of the mrgn mama stickers and I think mrgn-branded anime characters continue to be a massive retail-oriented investment opportunity for marginfi - I’d like to see this workstream expand signficantly, and I can see a $MAMA token (or a class of tokens) relevant here in the future.

I don’t want to shoehorn this topic thread, but my vote would be to pivot this conversation into a discussion around the entire mrgn $MAMA workstream as a superset of the main marginfi token ticker discussion