Marginfi tx auto-confirm on phantom

yo devs
either build instant looping fast or kidnap phantom devs & make them turn on tx auto-confirm for marginfi

Something I would like to see is being able to have isolated lending and borrowing.

For example say your collateral is 5k

You want to set aside 1k to short something. But you’re wrong and that asset you were trying to short moons. Just liquidate your 1k instead of 5k.

Right now to do that you need a separate wallet. But better go through a cex so your wallets don’t connect so it doesn’t look like you are trying to farm.

kaminio has that feature. long/short
hope margnifi releases long/short in coming flashloan update

This is technically enabled in marginfi - because the protocol supports multiple accounts per wallet - but it’s not surfaced well in the UI right now.

If you want this feature, react to this message and it will help the core team prioritize!

cc @chambaz