Marginfi UI update: feedback and suggestions

Hi mamas!

As many of you probably noticed, the main marginfi frontend website, hosted at, has been updated with a significant UI and UX rework.

I personally like the new approach, especially the portfolio section.

My two feedbacks for the development team would be:

  1. Allow the users to see current lending capacity of an asset you don’t own in the connected wallet. The main use case is to check capacity for an asset before you buy it or re-delegate (for LSTs).
  2. Consider allowing users to use the legacy UI for some time.

If there is something of the new UI you would like to praise, change, improve, or criticize, please comment below.


One improvement I think would be useful is if the UI could remember settings you’ve selected. For example, if a user always prefers to use pro over lite and in pro mode prefers the more detailed view, with utilisation and global limit columns, then that should be applied when user has logged in/connected their wallet.


Thanks for the feedback. This was shipped today!

Hey - I’m just catching up, but I know pro/light mode settings should save now on the user side!

I’m a fan of saving user preferences in general - hopefully it’s easier to adjust/iterate on now that a local storage approach has been implemented - cc’ing @chambaz who i am just now seeing has already commented on this

More broadly speaking - the frontend UI is open source, and I’d love to improve the community contribution flow to this. Does anybody want to take this on?

Another ask here: I’d love to see the UI hosted in more places than marginfi dot com - specifically, it’d be great to see it hosted on IPFS (and other censorship resistant locations - open to suggestions).

One interesting challenge here: the current UI has an increasing amount of web2 niceties - features that make the experience cleaner and would not be supported by default with a hosting provider like IPFS (I think). We need the right strategy to keep an IPFS UI generally updated without the web2 niceties - feature class flag?

Regarding the UI upgrade I really love it a defi join will be able to easily interact with it

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It would be great to have a “Grey Mode” option for the UI, which is just a lighter version of the current dark mode, with high contrast colours.

That would work well for people like me who don’t like the absolute darkness of the current UI.

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I’m in agreement. Perhaps a more customizable color scheme would work as well. I know branding is important, so having a fixed color scheme for the header is understandable, but offering multiple color choices for body and corresponding text would be super cool.


We’d be open to merge a PR here if someone’s interested in putting it up - we haven’t gotten a ton of user feedback re colors, but some customizability in profile settings seems reasonable