Product Education: How-To and Risk/Strategy Modules or Videos

I think it would be helpful to publish engaging modules and/or videos (not text-based essays) on the site in multiple languages that can help newbies understand not only what they are seeing and how to use MarginFi, but also to explain risk and investment strategies (not financial advice). As anyone who has ever been on a DeFi Discord server knows, there are hordes of people that have no understanding of the products they are using, the risks involved, and often develop strategies through trial-and-error. They usually begin asking questions once they get into trouble (i.e. their health is at 0%; they don’t understand what an Isolated Pool is). Even though they often grow frustrated with a product or get liquidated as a result of their own ignorance, it seems like helping new users navigate a product would benefit both the user and the app. It shows a commitment to helping and educating users and sends a signal to the larger community that this is something that is important. Perhaps it could become a standard.

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I agree with this. When users are educated properly about the project, they’ll be able to use marginfi’s features to the fullest. Education boosts adoption.
I suggest that apart from official guides created by the project, community members should be encouraged to produce more content to onboard new users and simplify the learning process.