Request: Change Positions w/o Exiting

Like with my last post, I am letting my laziness be the driving force for my ideas…

Picture this: you’re lending USDC but notice that USDT has routinely had the better lending APYs. You want to take advantage of the higher APYs, but you’re just not feeling like putting in the effort to make the switch. I mean, you have to first withdraw USDC, and then you have to swap it to USDT, and then you have to deposit the freshly gained USDT. That’s a lot of work!

Now you’re thinking to yourself that it’d be much more convenient if you could just move n amount of USDC you’re lending into USDT (assuming there’s availability in USDT’s deposit bank) without all of those tedious steps. As you should because you’re right! It’d be a much more seamless and efficient process to have margin do the heavy lifting instead of your tired hands.

So yeah, basically I’d love to be able to swap lending positions from within margin without all of the steps necessary. Either from the swap or lending pages, I’d like to be able to choose one of my lending positions, input what I want to swap and for what token, and then have margin do the fancy calculations and creating of transactions. Would this be fairly similar to repay with collateral? Just instead of repaying a loan, it’s moving to another lend position.

This is also something I would like. Right now I have rotate it back and for the between stables and it can take a while.

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Agreed! And now that I think about it more, if they implemented repay with collateral then I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be possible. It’s a fairly similar concept. Instead of borrow to lend, it’s just borrow to borrow.

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