Why are you on this journey

Just say why your on the crypto journey?
What do you value?
Why choose this project over others !

In 2010 I wanted to mine btc but my ex wife would not let me. In 2016 I left her and came back home. I would purchase btc from my friend to use on the dark net at this time. I remember seeing the price of eth and thought ehh crypto is done. Can’t go that much higher right ? Well it did lol. I still did not have a large bag of anything.

I was trading options a lot in 2020 and made some cash and just started stacking sol. Stacked from 25$ to 260. Lost it all leveraged up on solend lol.

I use marginfi because I like the clean ui and responsiveness of the site. I decided to give them a try this cycle and be a part of the community.


That is so cool.

I swallowed the crypto pill2021 after buying top of market being buying ever since.

Love the tech.