Work we're doing to improve oracle robustness during chain congestion

marginfi has chosen to use decentralized, trustless oracles. These oracles are managed by providers, like Pyth. During periods of blockchain congestion, oracle providers may struggle sending pricing data. If pricing data is stale during a user interaction, marginfi does not enable users to perform oracle-dependent actions. This is to prevent manipulation based on incorrect oracle prices. marginfi is working directly with Pyth, Switchboard, and Solana Labs on correcting these issues on behalf of the user.

To do your part in improving your on-chain experience, make sure you are using a strong RPC.


Appreciate the update. What are some good rpc ?

difficulty to borrow USDC, help please :pray: :pray: :pray:

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The oracle data for this bank is stale error has been going on for 2 days now. When can i withdraw again?

I don’t know how to get this rpc stuff

why does isolated pools require to stop withdrawals if oracle is stale , it doesnt affect loans anyways

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When will we be able to repay and withdraw from our marginfi accounts? This is getting concerning…

I can’t borrow or lend in marginfi.
But it can other lending platform ex Kamino…
What is the difference of this?

I think this problem would be solved if we could set Priority fee.

як забрати кошти з платформи? щось стрьомно вже все 4 дні

Exactly this!

Why cant you withdraw funds from a isolated pool if you have negative collateral, in the first place?

This has been the case for months (if not since forever), so maybe its off topic but it has always been bothering me.

What does my collateral or account health have to do with my funds in an isolated pool?

So anyone else got liquidated out of nothing yesterday?

I had liquidations on both my major accounts simultaniously, while having decent account healths, and there wasnt even any significant volatility in the market.

Im reading on twitter that an issue relating to the switchboard oracle caused all lst’s to be mispriced, leading to mass liquidations.

Why isnt there at least any communication about this from marginfi?

Just saw @macbrennan adres this on twitter. Greatly appreciated!